Thursday, October 12, 2006

WIP: BBF HAL socks in Lapis

Look! Here is proof that both there was sun in the Boston area today and that I have been working on these socks. They feel like they are moving a little slowly since they are on US Size 0s. I liked the resulting fabric so much better than on the 1s I tried at first though.

They are such a joy to work on! I have decided the color makes me think of warm caribbean seas. The pattern is really a really simple stockinette one to highlight the great shade variation. I couldn't resist the cute little "seam" of increases up the back. I think I am just gonna knit until I run out of yarn, so these will be a little taller than most of my handknit socks. That will be perfect as the New England weather gets cooler though.


Blogger Carol said...

Gorgeous knitting! You made my day.

11:16 AM  

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