Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My BB Spice Cabinet socks are finished! I'm in bed sick today, so you will have to excuse the photo angle. At least I cropped out the pile of laundry. But anyway, the yarn is an absolute dream. I have two more skeins of BB sock yarn in my stash, calling loudly to me. I think I will call these the SLE socks (Sock Learning Experience). The sock on the right is my first-ever sock. I followed the Yarn Harlot's vanilla sock pattern. There are ladders, and a hole at the top of the gusset, and I cast on too many stitches. The sock on the left is my fourth sock (yes, another pair intervened). The ribbing is a little too short, but no ladders at all. Even better, no hole at the top of the gusset! I followed the instructions from Sensational Socks (p. 25) to pick up two stitches at the top of each gusset and then decrease them in the next round. It worked perfectly.

I did some KIP last weekend as I finished up the sock. Several people commented on the lovely colorway, and I may have found you another customer, Carol! Thank you so much for the lovely yarn. (I drool over the etsy shop on a daily basis). And thank you for letting me hop-a-long!


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