Thursday, August 31, 2006

Haven't picked a project yet

I'm in, but I haven't decided what my Hop project will be. When I first heard about this, I already had a scarf on the needles using Seattle Mist laceweight.
The stitch is Seafoam from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury.

However, I want to do something new for the hop, so I'm trying to decide. One option is a triangular shawl in a leaf lace pattern. Here is a sample shown on my oh-so-patient Angora goat Morpheous.

I've also found an "acorn" stitch, and I'd like to make a shawl with that, if Carol can possibly get the color done- I think she's a tad swamped right now...

Anyway, more when I know what I'm doing.


Blogger Carol said...

You are a great lace knitter, Mindy. Your goat is cute, too. ;)

6:29 PM  

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