Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OK, so I need some more BBF!

Staying home all day does have its advantages. I finished my Log Cabin Hat during Project Runway and I'm pretty pleased with it. I had decided to try some new things and basically designed it as I went. I thought it would be a little boring to do simple stocking stitch, so I tried to recreate a real log cabin instead.

Restricting myself to the fabulous, yet subtle colorway meant that I would have to work the architectural features using texture alone. The house is built out of logs and includes a door and two matching windows. I tried to do shingles for the decreasing rounds, but I got distracted by the triangles and went for a carousel look for the top instead. As I bound off the stitches, it looks as if I have incorporated a chimney as well! The only time I changed my design is when I laddered two stitches back fourteen rows to change the placement of the door knob. (Anal, I know.)

It fits very well on the head and the chimney does actually flatten out nicely. I also found that I got a different effect by wearing the back of the house up front. Two hats in one!

Here is the finished product from the front:

Here is the different look from the back:

Here is how it would look if he wore it:

Now, I got to get me some more yarn. I forgot how much I liked the Flannel Shirt colorway...


Blogger Dave said...

Very cool hat :-)

3:27 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

Love it.

4:51 AM  

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