Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Had to Do It!!!

I got so jealous of everyone's Black Bunny projects,
that 6 days from the end of the month, and SO CLOSE to actually not casting on the entire month of August (I should have picked February!!!), I couldn't take it anymore. Rather than open up my window, scream to the high heavens, and face the wrath of my presumably unsympathetic neighbors, I decided to burrow into my Black Bunny Stash. Should I cast on the laceweight? Or the sock yarn?
The sock yarn, in a colorway called Poodle, after Lisa at Rosie's daughter, was of course, enticing.

But, at the perfect moment in time, when the desire to cast on met a pattern, I truly fell in love with, I went with the laceweight. Here is Sarcelle.

Sarcelle, written by Kristen Geraci
is knit on a bias, with the same progression as the Clap, an increase section, followed by a straight section, followed by decrease rows. The chart, on first glance, appeared to be quite the challenge, what with dropping yarnovers, knitting into them, casting on replacement stitches . . . but after one trip through the 6 row, 18 stitch repeat, it's really very easy, and totally addictive. And, of course, it looks lovely in this colorway, appropriately named "Tree."

I think this will be extremely relaxing Cape Cod knitting, as I'm am off midweek to join Knitty D at the Joy House.

In the meantime, tell all of your friends about the Hop. Carol and I are working on a frappr map - anyone who knows how to add it to a blog - could you email this html challenged girl??? And, if anyone comes up with a better button, please feel free to email me with that as well - I will not be insulted if my button is replaced by a more attractive one. Any suggestions about the blog template? - again, bring it on! We want the hop to be a lovely place for the Black Bunny.


Blogger Knittah said...

I knew you would give in! But hey, it was worth the wait. It looks like your shawl will be super gorgeous.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Lookee there! It's a Sarcelle, knit by someone else, and it looks AWESOME! Good work, girl.

7:18 PM  

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